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I’m opening emergency commissions because I suddenly hit a rough patch and could really use the money! >_< Please email me at (preferable) or if you’re interested! 

Warning: I’ll require upfront payment but I’ll make sure to send you wips and to mind all your corrections if you decide to commission me! Thank you! 

*as always, the exact price of the commission will depend on the amount of details of the drawing and other specifics. 

Commissions are still open! 


On May 18, 2011, I auditioned to play Randy Cunningham on a new Disney XD animated show called Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Now, over three years later, we just finished the second season finale, our 100th EPISODE. So many people work so hard in three different countries just to get our show on the air and I wanted to take a beat to thank them. To our crew of writers, animators, producers, directors, every branch of Disney (all who have been so kind, especially Aaron and the casting team who helped put me in the show), Titmouse, Boulder Media, our recording studios, the perfect cast, legendary guest stars, the AMAZING tumblr fans (you guys and girls are awesome, we love looking through your stuff!), Andrew Caldwell (who is something of a genius as my best friend Howard Weinerman) and to the creators/showrunners/heart of the show- Scott Thomas and Jed Elinoff, I don’t know how, but you have made 100 episodes of a TV show that uses 90 percent made up words. To everyone else I forgot to mention who works far harder than I do (I just look like an unwashed muppet and yell into a microphone), thank you so much! And finally TO OUR AWESOME FANS WHO ARE THE REASON THIS SHOW HAS MADE IT TO 100, THANK YOU! CONGRATS EVERYONE!

If you have never seen the show, you can click here to look through some clips- RANDY CUNNINGHAM VIDEO CLIPS




I don’t think you guys realize how important Codename: Kids Next Door was.

The majority of our (basically) canonical couples were interracial, the greatest Supreme Leader the KND ever had was a female, and so many actually strong female characters like Numbuh’s 3, 5, 86, 362, and I even count Lizzie because of how chill she was about getting trapped in a mirror reality.

The undertones of respect Numbuh 86 had for Numbuh 362 even when, as far as the rules went, Numbuh 362 wasn’t in power and Numbuh 86 still obeyed her.

I’m also pretty sure Numbuh 1 was going through chemo, either that or he was just a bald child.

Lets not forget how there was never a moment in this show that made a snide remark or hint about the female operatives not being able to do something or it being too dangerous for them. The few times some jerk adult mentioned something even remotely insinuating they confronted the comment and called them out on how ridiculous it was, and then surpassed whatever stupid line was set.

Also, there was none of that “I won’t hit you because you’re a girl”, or “you can’t hit me I’m a girl”, everybody beat the crap out of each other, fought over the remote, helped each other out, and asked each other for help regardless of anything.

I’d screen cap for you but literally every episode has an example of it.

then there’s numbuh 19th century who everybody hated

that’s just as important, the one guy that does make negative comments about girls in the knd is seen as a bad person.

I love KND so much you dont understand

KND might be the show with most Equality of all time. And I can´t add anything else because you just said it all.

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